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Seeking Refuge: Juliane's Story - video


As part of Refugee Week, BBC2 is screening a series of animated shorts offering an insight into the lives of five young refugees who have sought asylum in the UK. Here Juliane tells of growing up in an orphanage in Zimbabwe, being reunited with her mother, and their eventual resettlement in Britain

Sea Of Memory - A Vietnamese Boat Refugee Documentary Film

Sea Of Memory - A Vietnamese Boat Refugee Documentary Film
After the Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975, more than a million people fled the communist ruling by boats to the South China Sea. They faced obstacles such as pirate attacks, violent sea storms, thirst and starvation. Many lives were lost. Those that survived the journey immigrated to noncommunist countries around the world. The majority of them found freedom and new life in the United States. My dad was one of them.

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