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film Well-Founded Fear (2000)


This documentary film takes us to an in-depth look at the asylum process of the federal U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Foreigners that are already in the United States, having fled their home countries, have the opportunity to apply for asylum through the INS. If a person's case establishes a "well-founded fear" of his/her home country, the adjudicating immigration officer approves his/her asylum application. If a person's case does not quite meet up to the officer's expectation of a "well-founded fear," it is referred to an immigration judge for a decision

Due to the film’s success in the classroom and other education situations, two discussion modules were produced to accompany the film.

  • Tales From Real Life provides an in-depth look at five memorable people from countries around the globe, all seeking asylum in the United States. Each case study, of an actual asylum interview, provides window into a very different life experience:
  1. Lyudmila, a Jewish ex-soviet from Belarus, living in Minsk, who feels persecuted by her neighbors and strangers.
  2. Jamal, a Sudanese political dissident who was tortured and is intent on describing his entire story.
  3. Gjergi, an Albanian, kidnapped by the secret-police and beaten after writing an article in his high school newspaper.
  4. Alfonso, a Guatemalan who is modest about how he was affected by civil war.
  5. Mareja, a former Yugoslavian, unable to prosecute her abusive husband because his Communist Party family ruled the region.
  • Practicing Asylum Law is geared especially toward the needs of advocates, legal professionals and their clients. It offers concrete examples for discussion and analysis, along with notes and commentary by experts and Asylum Office insiders. This module illustrates the interactions between attorneys and asylum officers. Practicing Asylum Law also includes an extended feature about the dangers of translation, showing actual examples of mistakes made during asylum interviews.
Part 1 : http://vimeo.com/46476690
Part 2 : http://vimeo.com/46242686
Part 3 : http://vimeo.com/44549743
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