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Public Organization "Tenth of April”

Public organization

(The Tenth of April)

Hugo Grotius
(1583 - 1645)
Founder of the international humanitarian law

History and Purpose of Organization:

Public organization "The Tenth of April” is an independent, voluntary and non-profit association of natural and legal persons. The Organization was founded on 1st August 2012. The organization is named in honor of the birth of Dutch lawyer, politician, poet, playwright, one of the founders of the international humanitarian law - Hugo Grotius.

The Organization was created by active citizens, a team of associates, who are working in the field of human rights protection for more than 10 years, in particular, on refugees’ rights protection.

Credo of the Organization:

"Every law which cannot be subjected to a criticism is an unjust law."

Main purposes:

  • to promote civil society and the formation of constitutional state in Ukraine;
  • outreach activities;
  • satisfaction and protection of legal, political, civil, social, cultural and economic rights and interests of its members;
  • in particular, promote the protection of inalienable rights and freedoms of persons, who are suffering persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.


  • educational and training activities (lectures, seminars, courses) for members of civil society, state and local authorities;
  • research and practical projects evaluating the human rights education, democratization and the rule of law;
  • popularizing, publication and propagation activities (exhibitions, newsletters, broadcasting and other media publications) on such issues as tolerance, non-discrimination, gender equality and etc.;
  • supporting freedom of speech and Media in Ukraine, including journalistic activities (2 members of the Organization are professional journalists);
  • involvement in "Youth in Action” programs;
  • organization of Law clinics on the basis of the Organization

e-mail: 10kvitnya@ukr.net or lawcentre2@gmail.com               web: www.10kvitnya.at.ua



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